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Time & Space Visualizer

Time & Space Visualiser by Paul Smith from Wonderful Books is the first exploration of both the factual and fictional history of Doctor Who through a range of infographics, presenting information about the show.

As the famous TV series nears its 50th anniversary, this book takes a fresh perspective, visualising information from every aspect of the programme to show there are lots of options beyond lists and tables. Each chart is accompanied by detailed notes discussing the background and context of the areas under examination, how the data was compiled and what it reveals.

The results can therefore be appreciated by those interested in the possibilities of data visualisation while also presenting new angles to Doctor Who devotees who might think they know all there is to know about the show.

You can buy the book at Amazon or Amazon UK..

You can read reviews of this book from Starburst magazine,, SFX Magazine, Cathode Ray Tube, and Life, Dr. Who and Combom.

Thanks to Paul Smith for sending in the link to his book!

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