5 most popular mistakes made by users of dating sites

These things are definitely not worth doing on a dating site if you really want to find a soul mate. On average, a dating site user needs four months to:

  • find a couple and start a relationship already in reality;
  • give up and come to the conclusion that dating sites are definitely not for him;
  • decide to stay on the site and spend a couple more years on it.

How to get into the number of those lucky ones who found a couple? Try not to make the mistakes that we have listed below.

Incorrect personal page photo selection

“They’re greeted by clothes, but escorted by the mind” – this proverb is the best choice for choosing a photo on a dating site. Think about the impression you want to make. A successful man in the photograph will be more likely in a business suit than in beach shorts and a naked torso. You still have time to show all the advantages of your figure, do not get ahead of the event.

The same goes for single women. If you want to avoid dirty offers and inappropriate compliments, do not post photos in a swimsuit or in a revealing outfit. According to statistics, they are most often answered by users on whose photos the face is clearly visible. Accounts where it is covered with a cap or dark glasses are suspicious: if a person does not want to show himself, most likely he is hiding something. You should not publish studio photos. In ordinary life, people do not look like they did at a professional photo shoot with skillfully made make-up.

If this does not concern you and you are always on the cover of a magazine, skip this tip. For the rest, we recommend publishing your usual photos or professional ones, but not made in the studio, but at some event.

Empty page

Who will you write to: a person with an empty account or someone who has interests in your favorite rock band? People tend to look for a partner with similar preferences. Increase your chances – fill out information about yourself. It is welcome if you list what you would like from a partner or relationship. However, you should not make a list of prohibitions from this. Do not make a detailed biography, leave a little intrigue. It’s enough to list your hobbies and interests, your favorite films and musical preferences and indicate whether you have children.

Banal first messages

“Hi beauty! Let’s get acquainted! ”- every girl receives a dozen such messages every day. As a rule, there is no desire or time to answer them.

The problem is solved simply: pay attention to what the person wrote on the personal page. People spend hours filling out information about themselves, so do a favor: at least read it. This will help you save time and not spend it on obviously inappropriate partners, but at the same time prepare the first message. Many are looking for partners with common interests and hobbies – play this.

Spelling and punctuation errors

Girls, of course, love bad guys, but not knowing the grammar of the glasses will not add to you. If you are not sure about the written word, use special tools to check. In addition, do not get carried away with punctuation marks: a large number of dots and exclamation marks in a row is annoying. Usually they are abused by a nervous, excited person or someone who is not confident in himself and uses expressive punctuation to seem more convincing.

Procrastination or haste with a real acquaintance

To invite a person on a date is not a good idea. If you like the person you are talking to, ask for their phone number and invite them to a date, but only after a few days of regular communication on the Web. Do not throw messages for months or even weeks. Finding the perfect partner will take a lot of time, do not waste it on the wrong people. As a result, you can find the perfect partner even in the interracial dating in the US category. Just need a little patience.

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