Swingers: tips for beginners

If you and your partner have already had a conversation about swingers and decided to try it, then you have already gone through the most difficult part of the process. It is an interesting and exciting way to “dilute” a little already cool relationship and light a new fire in it. But beginners often have a lot of questions, to find the answers to which it is not always possible.

Where to start the life of swingers?

Most rookie swingers find their way online. As a rule, experienced swingers do not talk about their secret sex life openly. But today, you can easily find a swingers forum where you can talk about it, share experiences, and look for partners.

Everything is based on trust

Swingers must necessarily trust each other and their partners. This problem is particularly delicate in the early stages of communication. Therefore, even at the stage of searching for potential partners on websites, try to immediately create a common profile – so you certainly will not have any secrets.

Decide on your preferences

It is very important to have some common ideas and preferences with the pair of swingers you choose. They should be easy to communicate with. Also, before looking for partners, consult with each other to find out exactly what you need to pay attention to. If you are going to visit an indoor club in your city to get a share of the fun, be prepared to meet also with different new concepts for yourself.

Club or couple?

So now the question arises: how and when to start? Even if you’ve already found a couple online, go to a swingers convention or similar major event. Why would you do that:

  • you’ll see with your own eyes how experienced swingers behave;
  • you won’t have to join any activity that doesn’t seem right to you;
  • you’ll be able to watch other people’s actions.

You can also find other like-minded people at these parties who, like you, want to try out new things for themselves for the first time. For many, this option is simpler than meeting a couple you met online. It often happens that the image that you create online is not true. And at the party, you can just not communicate with unpleasant people.

What happens in swinger clubs?

Of course, every club has its own differences. But you can be sure that you won’t get into an orgy. An orgy is one big group of people who all have sex together. Swinger clubs usually have many separate rooms, sometimes with different themes.

The rules and basic codes of the clubs

Different clubs also have their own rules and codes. Sometimes special bracelets are used to help you understand who is a club member and who is not. Some institutions use colorful straws so that couples can immediately see who is looking for something special, and who just came to find new hobby friends. If you don’t understand something, just ask the people around you. Swingers are usually very friendly people.

What is the most important thing

We have already written about this above, but it is the most important issue in a healthy relationship between swingers. Jealousy and insecurity are real threats to your relationship. If you have already decided that it is time to try something new with other people, you should put aside all prejudices. Talk about your feelings and desires – it will allow you to open up to your partner for real. All sexual relationships of this nature should be desirable for each partner, because otherwise you risk hurting the person you love. Therefore, it is important to discuss everything in detail at once and come to the conclusion that both of you do not mind trying something new for yourself.

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