Advices for using of stained glass elements in the interior

Home owners are always interested in finding new ways to decorate their home to give it a unique look. Incorporating colorful flora and fauna especially birds in their home decor is one of preferred options for many home owners, especially if they are nature lovers. Usually the colorful Hummingbirds are found in the tropical regions of the world. Now home owners can easily purchase one or more hanging glass hummingbirds to decorate their window. These glass birds are available as sun catchers and look very similar to the real bird, giving an exotic tropical look to the room.

The hummingbird sun catchers are a form of glass art which has been perfected after extensive research. Each stained glass suncatcher has been manufactured using the best quality materials available. Only Spectrum glass 3 mm thick from the United states is used for making durable and high quality sun catchers Other materials which are used are tin, copper foil, paint of different colors, was and black patina. The Tiffany copper foil method is used for handcrafting the suncatcher, so each suncatcher is unique and can be considered a collectible. 

To match the decor of the room where the suncatcher will be used and personal preferences of the family members, the hummingbird sun catchers are available in different colors, designs and shapes. In many of the sun catchers there is only one hummingbird and these sun catchers are the cheapest. Either the front view or the side view of the hummingbird is being shown. Green and blue are some of the most popular colors for the hummingbirds though in some cases, red, white and other colors are also used. When sunlight shines on the sun catchers, the birds look like crystal birds.

There are also sun catchers which feature pairs of hummingbirds of the same or different type. These sun catchers can be used for art stories, telling the story of the relationship. The sun catchers with two birds are usually larger and more expensive compared to sun catchers with one bird. To make the suncatcher look more realistic and add to the room decor, flowers and fruits are also included in the sun-catcher. The sun catchers have different colors of flowers and fruits to match the decor of the house where they are being installed, so customers have a greater choice.

Many customers are ordering multiple sun catchers for decorating their house. Changing the suncatcher periodically is a quick and inexpensive way of altering the look of the room. For convenient window hanging, each suncatcher has a circular metallic loop on top. A thread can be used to hang the suncatcher from the top of the window frame. In addition to the window, it can be used elsewhere in the house for decorating the room. Like other home decor items, the suncatcher will also become dirty, due to dusty and debris. Hence it is advisable to wipe it clean with a wet cloth periodically. For safety the suncatcher is supplied in a box to customers, and this box can be used for storing the sun catcher when not in use. 

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