Gambling and addiction

Gambling addiction has been known since ancient times. The reasons are hidden in the peculiarities of human psychology and its perception of gambling. Nevertheless, if we speak exactly about addiction, it is characteristic only for people with unstable psyche. In most cases, gambling is safe for a person, it is important to control their emotions. If you like free canadian slots, you can find such an option here and do not worry about addiction, because the game is free.

Is gambling addiction a type of addiction?

Another theory relates to the fact that the players have a need to return to the machines again, which is much like the symptoms of those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol or tobacco. The reactions going on in the brain of a gambler are significantly different from those of a drug addict and it is a behavioral reflex that needs to be overcome rather than the result of a psychotropic substance affecting the body. However this is not an obstacle to consider gambling addiction as a special kind of drug.

This theory is challenged by other arguments. Casino refers to the objects of human free will. At the same time drug addicts believe that when the player sits down in front of a machine, he involuntarily activates a hidden defect of his own psyche, which causes excessive nervous excitement. Is it so? There is no one hundred percent confirmation. Gambling addiction is perceived by addiction specialists as a type of psychosis. The same remedies are prescribed that are used in the treatment of schizophrenia. As a result, a person may completely suppress absolutely all emotions, he will become apathetic and listless. As a result, the personality is destroyed. Does anyone need a treatment that causes such drastic consequences?

Gambling addiction and Jung’s archetypes

Proponents of analytical psychology explain gambling addiction in their own way. If we follow Jung’s theory, each of us has a specific archetype, but it can manifest itself in different ways. Modern society for several decades has been living under the principle of mass consumption, which almost eliminates the desire for self-knowledge. Mass culture is designed precisely on the desire to consume without bothering to think seriously.

As a result, man is forced to try to interact with his archetype by finding appropriate images in games. If the character of any entertainment is similar to the image that unconsciously exists in a person’s mind, then there will be a desire to constantly return to such a game. However, analytical psychology offers no solutions to the problem. Even in its applied version the theory of archetypes has no effective application in the struggle against game addiction. However there is a method of the labyrinth.

It is based on the fact that the search for a solution to absolutely any problem resembles wandering in a confusing maze, and the movement to the exit is accompanied by periodic hitting dead ends. If the theory of archetypes is combined with this method, then a quite logical theory is obtained. Its essence is that overcoming game difficulties and “virtual labyrinths” helps self-actualization of those who cannot accomplish this in ordinary life.

Most players can play their favorite games and not feel addicted. After all, casinos are a great way to have fun after a hard day at work. It’s a great way to escape from the routine, to recharge your energy, to increase your adrenaline levels. It is only important to find a reliable online casino. To do this, you will need to first check the site on a specialized resource. For example, you can find out everything you need to know about gaming club flash casino at

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