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Mini Infographics: What makes it so popular?

Since the year 2012, the digital space has been experiencing enormous search volume for all the marketing endeavors. To speak of the exact figures, the volumes have increased to over 800%. The credit goes to the inclusion of infographics that have graduated to become one of the most sought-after tools for digital marketing strategies. It is this popularity of infographics that has led to the birth of its compact version, mini infographics.

The significant difference between an infographic and a mini infographic lies in size. Otherwise, they have the same attributes and serve the similar purpose of conveying information that would be difficult to understand without any visual aid. Since people remember those things more which they see than reading, mini infographics prove to be the most effective in this case. Their benefits in the content marketing arena cannot be overlooked.

Digital entrepreneurs, to gain more digital impact set up websites and landing pages that are more visually appealing with high quality pictures, themes and images. To make their online presence more impactful, infographics are posted that talk about the business ethics or anything educational in the sector. The success rate with this is so high that its brief renditions are also being used to promote the business in various platforms that showcase visual content. This enables greater exposure for the brands to generate more conversions.

The human brain loves infographic

Color enriched information and media is liked by all. Humans can contextualize their world using the eyes and colors. Since information has increased to a great deal in the past few years, an average person takes a lot of time in plain reading. In the case of infographics, conveying information is done. Infographics enable a person to process information in just a tenth of a second. Well, we all want an easy way out, then why not our brains? And there’s no better an answer than infographics, and in this case, mini infographicplays at the front foot.

How are infographics visual contents so much popular? (Some facts and figures)

  • Since 2007, infographics has increased by 9000% since 2007
  • Infographics can increase web traffic by up to 12%.
  • Infographics have had the most significant increase in usage among B2B marketers in the last four years — now at 65%
  • People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.

So, how do mini infographics do the job?

Mini infographic is especially effective for inbound marketing. Its entire focus remains on providing the audience quality content. Mini Infographics are a phenomenon that has widespread exposure through multiple social networks. The advantage of the mini infographics is the fact that these images are mobile friendly, hence having more chances of reaching a greater base of customers, clients and other business goals. It is also the power of its mini size, that the brief infographic ideas have the convenience to be posted on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, without being having to adjust further on the resolution scale.

So, rounding up, what are the reasons for companies to choose mini infographics in their marketing strategy?

1. Appealing and eye-catching

Eye-catching and persuasive, the concise infographics directly convey numbers, statistics & figures with lesser text. They compile a lot of data into a single and conveniently follow to the format that binds the audience with attractive colors and sharp elements, thus making the brand impression more compelling.

2. Establish the brand’s credibility

Sharing knowledge through an infographic establishes a brand’s credibility by positioning the former as an expert. The research to form an infographic, hence, is time-consuming and requires skill and knowledge on the subject which the reader has a lesser understanding about. The newfound knowledge, accompanied with brilliant colors and amazing elements.

3. Generation of more traffic

There is nothing more evident than this. A compelling infographic will surely make people click on it, read it and share it. This will make more people visit the source of the infographic, thus amplifying the rate of traffic on the web pages and the landing pages.

4. Easy to be read, remembered and understood

An appealing can never let a reader leave the page within seconds.  With mini infographics, your readers will be able quickly to scan your message through and remember it even after they leave the page. This impact on their memory will be beneficial in the long run as they will undoubtedly make at least one visit to your official website, hence increasing the traffic.

5. Amazing SEO optimization

Visuals generate more share than plain text. This nature of the infographic images, especially the concise ones make marketing more evident and significant for the search engine war. The higher the share, the higher will be page rank on Google’s algorithm.

6. Mini infographics are embeddable and portable

Infographics come with the ability to be embedded with code. This means when they are shared across various platforms, they will be creating automatic backlinks, therefore bringing readers from different sources closer to you.

7. Easily connect to your target audience

The primary focus of infographics is to educate people with the facts unknown. Selling comes second. But there is a common factor in both of these, and that is the power to connect with the target buyers and building a lasting relationship with them on an intellectual level. Mini or big, infographics sell the brand, without being pushy.

8. Track and analyze conveniently, at any time

Infographic images are easy to track on the analytics. You can monitor your brand’s footprints as per your requirement through the marketing journey of an infographic image. With this, building insights and planning the next move becomes amazingly comfortable.

How do you build a mini infographic?

While searching on the internet, you will be showered with a voluminous amount of infographic design tips, infographic ideas & infographics template helping you to create your mini infographic image. So here are some of the ideas:

  • Show the figures in visually appealing fonts
  • Make a good choice of colors, icons, imageries and symbols that will complement your textual content
  • Think of a catchy title that will get the attention of your audience at first glance itself
  • The limit of the image should be within 5000 pixels for making it mobile-friendly
  • Design in such a way that the primary message is not hidden and visible even on the smallest screen
  • Design should be in accordance with the target audience
  • Keep your approach simple, yet effective!

If designing yourself seems out of the question, then you will undoubtedly be assisted by the graphic designing companies like the InfoGraphic Services. They will create the most fantastic infographic designs with contents that will draw the most synonymous references to your venture’s ethos, i.e., you do not have to toil hard with their creative minds behind your visual content marketing assets. Have a look at their portfolio. Look at their work in mini infographics portfolio and see for yourself how they can fulfill your project needs as well.

Wrapping up

Mini infographics have the power to turn any dull web page or social media home feed into something eye-tastic. The best part? You can also use them as a part of your blog and email-newsletters with slight repurposing or editing. It is its power of impactful yet straightforward messaging that will take your venture on a ride to growth and more exposure on the digital space.

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