Infographics in offline business branding

You feel that your business is missing something. And attention is never enough. Perhaps you have heard that content marketing is one of the main ways to attract a new audience? So, visual content marketing is at times superior to any other. Infographics for business is the very impulse that will allow it to develop with new forces. You can order infographics at sign company nyc.

Content marketing is not limited to texts. Moreover, it should include a HUGE amount of visual, painted and beautiful. Infographics can hold public attention much better than a bare text, even if this information is interesting in and of itself.

Ordering an infographic and using it only in electronic form means not to take advantage of all the advantages that graphic information offers to you. No one bothers you to order infographics for posters, flyers, calendars to decorate, for example, your exhibition stand or diversify outdoor advertising. Have you seen a lot of infographics among street advertising? Passers-by will be curious about such an unusual format, and they will want to consider it.

Infographics – another brick in the wall of branding

First, on the infographic your logo will flaunt, and in general it should be a reflection of the ideas of your brand and not contradict its concepts. Like any content, infographics is the voice of your brand and a part of your corporate identity, so it is also responsible for learning about you.

Placing the actual, useful information in the original design, you get a great advantage: in addition to telling about your brand and offers, you can teach people something new. Automatically, you become an expert in the eyes of clients, and their respect for you is growing psychologically. Profit!

It is very difficult to overestimate its value. 90% of all the information that is stuck in the mind of the average person is images. And that 40-45% of humanity will react better to the picture, and not to the solid text. People love infographics, save it, rave about it, but most importantly, they actually share it. The results of numerous studies suggest that high-quality infographics are viewed and read 30 times more often. Do not listen to those people who say that infographics – a relic of past years. They just do not know how to cook it. According to Google, requests for infographics are constantly growing, and today there are 10 times more than a few years ago.

The most viral and popular infographics is, as a rule, an image of some new data, recent discoveries or any trend information. However, this does not mean that you do not need to use infographics if your industry is not as fast-flowing and changing as marketing or technology. Stylish, fashionable, youth design will make popular and already well-established and complete concepts.

Do you know that the human brain filters out more than 99% of sensory information? The huge amount of all sorts of content that surrounds the modern consumer for each day, is very overwhelming, and therefore we all have developed some tactics to ignore the various floods. If the text is normally perceived only in a certain sequence, then the eye reads and contextualizes the visual elements immediately. Which means – your cool infographics are least likely to be ignored or forgotten.

Using infographics for any business, you bring to your relationship with the audience the feelings that you feel when it is not about work. The simple joy and pleasure of contemplating beautiful, subtle images that illustrate important ideas and business proposals make up the emotional part of branding that makes it the only true thing – with love for customers.

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