The Best Christmas Gifts for Employees

Christmas is an important event for everyone. Traditionally, this holiday is celebrated not only in the family circle, but also in the workplace. What a holiday without gifts! New Year gifts for employees are an important element of corporate culture, which has an engaging function. Properly chosen gifts increase loyalty and motivate employees. By sharing the values of the company, involving employees in the corporate culture, they achieve better performance.

Selection of gifts for the employees on behalf of the company is usually the task of an HR specialist or directly the director in case of small companies. In this article, HR professionals and managers will find ideas for New Year’s corporate gifts.

Gift ideas for employees

  • For comfort. Given that the case is in winter, you can show concern for employees and order warm scarves, mittens, socks, fluffy plaids, and soft pillows under their backs. Such gifts will be used for their intended purpose and will please people, keeping them warm, creating comfort and helping them to relax after work. You can also buy a gift card at Lowe’s. Now everyone can quickly check lowe’s gift card balance online, so this gift will be a great solution.
  • Young and active. If the staff is mostly young and active, they will like gifts that make a vivid impression. Tickets to the movies, visiting quests will help to give emotions. Subscription to online movie theaters is another interesting solution. Finally, a subscription to a fitness center will help rally the team.
  • Conservatives. If the team is conservative, you can choose classic tasty gifts. Delicacies will be a pleasant addition to the holiday table. You can choose different combinations of goodies depending on the allocated budget. The main thing to remember is that it should be premium quality products – wine and cheese, champagne and chocolate, organic products to promote health. Creating the right mood will help stylish gift wrapping.
  • For intellectuals. Aesthetes and people with refined taste will like tickets to the theater, a fashion exhibition or a concert. Present wonderful moments, organizing collective attendance to the event, employees will certainly appreciate it!
  • Charity. More and more companies are abandoning the idea of giving traditional gifts in favor of charity. Indeed, what can be better than to feel like a real magician on Christmas Eve, to make the world a better place and give a fairy tale to those who need it most! You can tell your employees that the budget for Christmas gifts this year is purposefully used as a contribution to the charity fund. In return, employees can receive a symbolic certificate that confirms their participation in a good cause.

Universal solution

The main task, which faces the HR-specialist or director before the New Year, is the choice of such gifts that will please all employees, regardless of age and interests. In addition, it is important to quickly replicate the ability to quickly purchase gifts at an attractive price. You can find many interesting solutions on the site Giftcards market.

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