What is a pet portrait

You can order a pet portrait in a specialized workshop. This is a very original and memorable gift for a friend! Such a picture can become an original solution for the interior decor, which will please you and your pet. If you are interested in this offer, explore the options at Here you will have the opportunity to use the service of professionals and get the perfect version of your pet portrait. There are many features that you should be aware of before ordering such a portrait.

Portrait of a cat

Portrait of a cat is not just a painting, but a painting with a soul. In it lives the warmth and purr of your beloved friend, who will look at you from the wall with loving and devoted eyes. You can give such a portrait to a loved one with the image of his or her pet, you can give it to yourself’ decorating the interior and in the end give it to the hero of the portrait. In the studio the artist will paint a portrait of your favorite cat, conveying in every stroke the character of the hero. He will be individual, as in life. His every whisker, gaze, glint, wet nose – all this is conveyed by painting on canvas, creating a chic portrait of a four-legged friend.

Portrait of a dog

A dog is man’s best friend! And maybe even a cat, let’s not argue, because there is also a parrot, a hamster, a horse, etc. Specialists are ready to depict any pet, whether it is small or large, fluffy or not. The artist will painstakingly draw the fur, the sparkle of the eyes. You don’t have to worry about the photographic likeness. What could be better than the devoted eyes that greet you at home. So let them look at you at work. You can hang a portrait of your pet in the office. Decorate with it the interior of the country house. A portrait of a dog is a portrait of the most devoted friend.

Animal portraits

Artists can depict a portrait of any animal. The image of animal characters in a picture is always an original solution for decor. An unusual and original gift. In the studio it is possible to portray animals with photocopies of paintings depicting animals. Many specialized studios can paint a picture with oil paints or perform it in the technique of imitation painting with printing on canvas.

A wonderful family portrait of you and your pet. Or maybe your significant other with his pet. Many people have a best friend with four paws or a tail. Order a warm, heartwarming portrait of your best friends.

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